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Highly breathable paints that have a low impact on the environment.

Earthborn’s range of water based, oil & acrylic free environmentally friendly, odour free paints come in a range of distinctive finishes  and with 84 colours to choose from to suit your needs.


Is our breathable interior clay based emulsion, it is perfect for lime plaster as well as standard plaster, or previously painted surfaces and has a distinctive ultra matt finish.

Claypaint goes on like a dream due to its creamy thickness and often requires fewer coats than conventional emulsions.

  • Ultra flat matt finish

  • 2.6% sheen level

  • Highly breathable 1115 g/m /24hrs

  • Perfect for lime plaster

Coverage: Up to 10m per litre

Tin size: 100ml, 2.5L & 5L


Is our durable and washable interior emulsion, it is perfect for busier homes and its wipeable finish makes it a practical choice for the areas that are more likely to become marked, especially with little fingerprints or mucky paws.

Lifestyle is an ideal, practical choice in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

  • Low sheen finish

  • 17% sheen level

  • Durable and wipeable

  • Perfect for high traffic areas

Coverage: Up to 12m per litre

Tin sizes: 100ml (white only), 2.5L & 5L

Eggshell No.17

Is our water based interior woodwork paint Its unique oil free formulation makes it dry super quick to a silk sheen.

Eggshell No.17 has a beautiful but hardwearing finish, especially when surfaces are primed with our Multi Purpose Primer, making it ideal for skirting boards, interior doors and trims.

  • Silk sheen finish

  • 24% sheen level

  • Durable and wipeable

  • Perfect for all interior woodwork

Coverage: Up to 14m per litre

Tin sizes: 100ml (white only), 750ml & 2.5L

Eco Chic

Is our versatile Claypaint designed for use on furniture. It is easy to use and great for sprucing up wooden furniture.

Eoc Chic has a quick drying formula and is luxuriously creamy giving excellent coverage, making updating furniture a breeze! Complete your desired finish with our Furniture Glaze or Wax for extra protection. 

  • Ultra flat matt finish

  • Finish with Furniture Wax or Glaze

  • Versatile and easy to use

  • Quick drying

Coverage: Up to 10m per litre

Tin sizes: 750ml

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